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The ANA Data & Analytics Practice and Wharton Customer Analytics, and Wharton AI for Business Present: How to Leverage AI to Mitigate Risk and Discover Product Innovations, and Measure ROI. This virtual half-day conference will discuss how the latest advances AI and analytics are helping to incubate innovation, evaluate social listening, and manage marketing assets more efficiently in a time of unprecedented disruption. Join Wharton faculty Raghu Iyengar and Kartik Hosanagar as well as industry experts from leading companies like McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Fox Entertainment, Inspire Brands (parent company of Jimmy John’s, Arby’s, Dunkin’/Baskin Robbins), American Express, Acxiom and others an action-packed afternoon of topics and discussion.



Tuesday, March 30, 2021
- 11:08am


Mark Kaline
Senior Vice President, Data & Analytics ANA
Mary Purk
Executive Director Wharton Customer Analytics & Wharton AI for Business
- 11:39am


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are some of the latest buzzwords in the advanced analytics space and have the potential to improve productivity across businesses. However, to truly capture the value of advanced analytics, companies need to change the way they operate by integrating analytics into business processes. Navin Sharma, Chief Commercial Services Officer of Inspire Brands, will share how his team is creating a comprehensive data & analytics infrastructure that supports each of its iconic brands by strengthening relationships with guests and improving restaurant operations.

Navin Sharma
Chief Commercial Services Officer Inspire Brands
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- 12:08pm


Complying with regulations and minimizing risk is a critical, yet ever-changing job in highly regulated industries like financial services. Creating advertising that is compelling, yet compliant typically means extensive legal reviews, development of terms and conditions, and document quality control. Harvey Raymundo, Vice President of Enterprise Marketing Products & Solutions at American Express, will share how Amex is developing Artificial Intelligence tools to improve the efficiency of our creative approval process, increase speed to market for our marketing campaigns, and reduce our reliance on highly manual review processes.

Harvey Raymundo
Vice President, Enterprise Marketing Products & Solutions American Express
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- 12:50pm


How are big brands listening to their customers? Social listening is a crucial component of audience research and is a tool that big companies like McDonalds and PepsiCo are actively employing. Hear insights from Jola Oliver, Director of Global Social Media Intelligence at McDonalds in conversation with Stephan Gans, SVP and Chief Insights and Analytics Officer at PepsiCo, to learn how big brands use social listening to better understand their customers during COVID-19 and beyond, moderated by Raghu Iyengar, Wharton Customer Analytics Faculty Director.

Stephan Gans
Senior Vice President & Chief Insights and Analytics Officer PepsiCo
Jola Oliver
Global Director of Social Media Intelligence McDonald’s
Moderator: Raghu Iyengar
Faculty Director Wharton Customer Analytics
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- 1:27pm


Marketing and advertising serve a noble goal – to connect brands and people in ways that benefit people and bring value to brands.  But the system is built on a fragmented network of technology, data, processes and regulations, that is only getting more complex. One strategy of dealing with the complexity is to smartly use  technology, including AI and machine learning, in more parts of the process, in order to drive both efficiency and insights.  But that means we also have a responsibility to take an even closer look at the role and importance of data ethics. While compliance describes what you must do, ethics is about what you should do.  And that means being willing to look at biases in data and how those biases can unintentionally get built into  systems.  If we understand it, then we can address it, and that means a marketing and advertising ecosystem that is more fair to all involved. Join Acxiom for a discussion on AI and data ethics.

Chuck Price
Data Ethics and Strategy Principal Acxiom
Graham Wilkinson
EVP, Product Strategy Innovation Kinesso
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- 2:02pm


More and more, the thread of analytics and AI applications are more tightly woven into the lifecycle of entertainment – from preproduction planning, to developing a research and analytics strategy that prioritizes owned media in marketing, to assessing consumption patterns using cross-platform analytics that incorporate measures of both “traditional TV” and digital streaming businesses. Gina Bahremand, Vice President of Audience Research at Fox Entertainment, joins Wharton Marketing Professor Kartik Hosanagar to discuss the integral role analytics and AI plays in planning, marketing, and measurement in entertainment, moderated by Mary Purk, Executive Director of Wharton Customer Analytics and Wharton AI for Business.

Gina Bahremand
Vice President of Audience Research Fox Entertainment
Kartik Hosanagar
Faculty Director Wharton AI for Business
Moderator: Mary Purk
Executive Director Wharton Customer Analytics & Wharton AI for Business
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