Integrated Marketing @ Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business (Members Only Conference)

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018
8:15am Breakfast

9:00am General Session Begins

Media Optimization 4.0: New and improved tools and techniques

The ever-evolving world of marketing spend optimization has changed dramatically in the last five years. Legacy approaches such as market mix modelling aren’t the only games in town; new approaches such as multitouch attribution and rapid read analytics offer decision-makers with more opportunities than ever before. Which techniques should you consider for your organization? How can these tools work together for an ensemble approach to marketing optimization? And how do they address a company’s needs in a fast-moving digital-first media environment? Greg Pharo, Coca-Cola’s global director of media analytics and   chair of the ANA’s Data & Measurement Committee, will discuss how leading marketers are leveraging analytical techniques from artificial intelligence to behavioral economics to enhance marketing optimization.

Greg Pharo
Director, Media Analytics The Coca-Cola Company
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United Way: Reframing a Legacy Brand with an Integrated Approach

Hear from Lisa Bowman, United Way Worldwide Chief Marketing Officer on how a 130+ year old brand repositioned itself to stay relevant and attract the next generation of donors with an integrated approach to marketing.

Lisa Bowman
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer United Way
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10:30am Networking Coffee Break


PR and the Power of Partnerships

As the marketing ecosystem becomes more fragmented, PR and communications are becoming even more important to the mix. Traditional PR has expanded to encompass many additional strategies including influencers and partnerships that are now a requirement to cut through the clutter. IHG has harnessed the power of PR and strategic partnerships to help its brands connect with key audiences as part of  larger integrated marketing efforts. Today, Gayle will share some examples of how IHG brand communications has created strategic programming for its brands by leveraging partnerships with companies like ASOS, Scholastic and Timo Weiland.

Gayle Weiss
Director, Brand Communications IHG
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Cricket Tag Teams Integrated Marketing: A Simple.Smarter.Better. take on sponsorships.

Sponsorships have been around since the dawn of marketing, but it’s gone way beyond placing your brand name on a banner or a building.  In a world of social and always-on media, what makes a great partnership between brands? From scalability and tangible ROI, Tiffany Baehman, Cricket Wireless’s vice president of marketing, will discuss how the fighter brand uses strategic sponsorships to connect with customers.

Tiffany Baehman
VP of Marketing Cricket Wireless
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12:15pm Luncheon


Combining the Power of Storytelling and Innovation to Launch in the Startup World

In today's tech startup world, it's important to have a strategic marketing approach while balancing the constraints of little to no budget on the path of fundraising. In launching our company, we managed to get national, mainstream coverage while simultaneously capturing the interest and attention of global corporations like L'Oreal. Come learn how we got our start and the integrated marketing tactics/channels we used to launch our brand.

Candace Mitchell
Co-founder/CEO Techturized Inc.
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The Multicultural Millennial Effect - How Big Of A Deal Is This?

At roughly 84 million strong, millennials are redefining the advertising landscape as well as the American workforce… and nearly half (45%) of this millennial generation is ethnically diverse. Do corporate marketing teams and efforts reflect this new reality? What does this inherent diversity mean for the future of multicultural and “general/mainstream” marketing? In this session, Philip Polk, vice president of multicultural strategy at Hallmark, will share how companies’ marketing efforts, and the people who drive them, must pivot to remain relevant in the era of mainstream multiculturalism. 

Philip Polk
Vice President Multicultural Strategy Hallmark Cards, Inc.
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