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Macro Trends Impacting Events

March 21, 2019

By Sharon Mills


With the digital age upon us, there are macro trends, or global shifts, that are impacting the 2019 events industry. Here are a few that are good to know to maximize client goals for your events and properly target the event's audience.

  1. The Year of the Human: We're in a time now where you don't have to interact with a human to get your message across and get your message answered. But, in the events industry, the attendees are saying that they want just the opposite. They want you to get to know them, and through more than just a digital survey. They want to share and be privy to data, but want this to happen through in-person communications and not just digitally.
  2. Technology, but Balanced: Event attendees don't mind using technology, but they want to have a balance of the digital with the analog. More in-person experiences are what they're asking for at events, and not just standing in front of a monitor or tablet, typing in their information.
  3. Connected Neighborhoods: Attendees say they want to be connected at events, and see more customizable utilization of the event space, with smaller, group-themed journeys. They want to be immersed into a "cult-like" world, and for the event producer, your attendees can be motivated by FOMO like never before!
  4. Tribes: People attending events say they want to connect with like-minded people, in "tribes." It's like an online community chat room, but in real life, with actual people having face-to-face interactions. The event should facilitate jump-start opportunities for this, other than just the overall event focus. Tribes can be narrowed down into an even more detailed focus — your attendees want this, and love it!
  5. Expansion of Data Insights: The combination of smart analytics, observed audience behavior, and leveraged technology should be used to collect more meaningful data. For the event producer, use real time data for crowd shaping and customization of your event.

Sharon Mills is the manager of client engagement at GES Events.

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