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12 Takeaways from #ANAInfluencerMarketing

January 9, 2020

By Leah Marshall, Jenna Magill


The ANA’s first Influencer Marketing Conference took place at the end of last year in New York. Over 300 marketers came together to learn from industry leaders how to capitalize on its immense ROI while navigating its challenges including follower fraud, complex attribution, and rising influencer costs. Here are 12 attendee-inspired takeaways from the event, sourced from Twitter.

  1. Vincenzo Landino, aftermarq: What brands have to realize is that it doesn’t matter if they’re B2B or B2C… the end consumer is HUMAN. They don’t care about the business model. (from Ursula Ringham’s presentation)
  2. Megan Conley, Social Tribe: You MUST coordinate influencer creative work with social distribution from the start (from Steve Ellis’ presentation).
  3. Tell Your Story: Great point about ad fatigue and avoiding influencers who post too many ads on their feeds. Followers will just tune out. (from Mondelēz’s presentation)
  4. Paul Kontonis, WHOSAY: It’s not about any single influencer talent level, you need to work with them all (from Steve Ellis’s presentation)
  5. Ali Carlson, IBM: I love the idea of flipping challenge culture on its head and challenging your own products (from Clorox’s presentation).
  6. Tell Your Story: 79 percent of marketers are using influencers as a marketing tool. (from Frito-Lay’s presentation)
  7. Megan Conley, Social Tribe: Empower influencers to tell your brand story, through THEIR lens, let go of control (from Ursula Ringham’s presentation).
  8. Kayla Darcey, eMarketer: Beware of SponCon — a form of fraud con-artists [say] that content is sponsored. According to the FTC, if you tag a brand you are actually endorsing the brand (via Allison Fitzpatrick’s presentation)
  9. Ursula Ringham, SAP Global: Brands need to heed this advice: Collaborations need to be a fit not only for the brand, but the influencer. And no one hit wonders. Long term relationships will benefit everyone
  10. Karla Ruiz, Kaiser Permanente: Forget about vanity metrics (likes & followers). Trust is still the #1 most important quality look for social media influencers (from Jasmine Enberg’s presentation).
  11. Nahry Tak, CreatorIQ: You might as well light your money on fire if you’re lazy about your influencer marketing approach (from Casey DePalma’s presentation).
  12. Paul Kontonis, WHOSAY: Shift the focus from fraud in influencer marketing to trust and transparency. (from Casey DePalma’s presentation)

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