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5 Reasons to Participate in the ANA Best Jobs Ever Campaign

February 20, 2020

By Elliot Lum


Marketing is an incredibly dynamic, innovative, fun, and purposeful field that marries right brain with left brain thinking. There are so many different roles that must come together to create a marketing campaign and build a brand. Those already in the industry understand the diversity of those contributions. Those outside the industry — particularly students — often don’t have that visibility in what opportunities exist.

The ANA Educational Foundation and McCann Worldgroup created the Best Jobs Ever campaign to help expand the perception of what marketing and advertising is and to create an immediate talent pipeline into the industry by posting actual jobs. Here’s why you should consider getting involved:

  1. Secure high-quality entry-level talent. You can source great entry level talent through our partnership with WayUp, a digital job platform with 5.5 million students on it. You can post opportunities through this industry job board that is targeted to students and new hires.
  2. Use our amazing creative for your own recruitment efforts. We developed Best Jobs Ever toolkits for you to use this creative in your own recruitment efforts that creates context behind what roles exist in the marketing and advertising industry.
  3. Become part of an industry movement. Through this campaign, we are galvanizing companies across the industry from brands to agencies to publishers to non- profits to acknowledge the importance of being part of something together. This effort is about unifying the ecosystem and welcoming a diverse set of skills to help us grow our industry.
  4. Link talent acquisition efforts with consumer branding. Several brands like American Express, Sephora, and IBM participated in a social media hack where they turned their digital ad on Instagram into an actual job application. It’s a strategy that helps link what we do as marketers and advertisers with the actual jobs producing this content.
  5. Celebrate what you do. Many times we don’t have the chance to celebrate what we do. This is an opportunity to do so and acknowledge how important you are to the growth of this industry!

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