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Amazon Gives Deliveries a Lyft and Chipotle Goes Virtual

April 8, 2020

By Matthew Schwartz

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Mixing and Matching Brands

Amazon and Lyft normally compete for workers. But these are not normal times. Far from it. is teaming up with Lyft on recruiting the ride-hailing company’s drivers to deliver Amazon packages and groceries as the pandemic keeps people at home.

Corporate partnerships will play a significant role in the battle against the novel coronavirus. Like the Amazon-Lyft effort, the crisis is likely to spur other unique partnerships.

Depending on the scope of the partnership, marketers could quickly find themselves tasked with creating an advertising campaign to get the word out. In the least, both companies will have to work together to craft an initial messaging strategy to make sure that people are aware of what exactly the partnership is trying to accomplish, whether that’s providing new jobs, producing much-needed ventilators, or developing a coronavirus vaccine.

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Chipotle Bridges 'Social Distancing’ With Virtual Hangouts

Brands and organizations continue to ramp up their relief efforts to ease some of the pain caused by the coronavirus outbreak. But amid a widening circle of “social distancing” and tens of millions of people urged to stay home, companies are also trying to stay in touch with consumers online and spur a sharper sense of community.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, for instance, hosted a series of lunchtime "Chipotle Together" sessions on video conferencing site Zoom with celebrity guests and as many as 3,000 fans, according to Mobile Marketer. Chipotle posted a link to the virtual hangout each day on its @ChipotleTweets account on Twitter.

With social distancing expected to last several months, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other social media platforms will be the new town halls. Marketers eager to draw a crowd need to pay careful attention to the nuances of each of the individual social network (and whether the message/engagement/conversation is appropriate for the channel).

Look for virtual hangouts and similar online chats to proliferate at a rapid clip. It’s an opportunity for marketers to bolster their social media efforts and improve the online experience when people are starving for connection more than ever.

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