ANA Brand Activation Marketing Futures (Members Only Conference)

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The ANA Brand Activation Marketing Futures Members-Only Conference will focus on innovative topics and emerging trends, such as:

  • The Future of Retailing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR / AR)
  • Neuroscience
  • Digital Transformation and more! 

This event – in conjunction with NYC Media Lab - will feature both presentations and interactive demonstrations of some of the hottest new technologies that will help to provide practical information, visionary inspiration and the knowledge necessary to help influence and inform brands’ brand activation support.

In addition, on January 16th, there is an optional Future of Retail “Safari”, where participants are invited on a unique interactive retail expedition in Midtown Manhattan to visit some of the most innovative retailers in New York.  While on this “safari” participants will work collaboratively to identify the latest, most cutting-edge retail environments, activations and technologies being deployed to maximize sales and brand building in-stores across a range of sectors. Please note below, there is a separate registration process for this event, as it is optional, and space is limited. See agenda for details.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Future of Retail “Safari”

Led by Michelle Greenwald, CEO of Inventours, author of “Catalyzing Innovation”, and professor at Columbia, NYU, Cornell amongst others, registrants will meet at the IESE Business School at 165 W. 57th (near 7th Ave) for the Future of Retail Safari.

After an introductory discussion, registrants will be placed into small groups, and will partake in an excursion to several local retail locations (list will be provided) to identify and discuss the latest, most cutting-edge retail environments, activations and technologies being deployed to maximize sales and brand building in stores across a range of sectors.  At the end of the day, we will reconvene back at IESE to share our findings and thoughts on the best activations and the its impact on the Future of Retail.

PLEASE NOTE: Space for this event is limited.  To register for this event, please click HERE. You will receive an email confirmation with detailed instructions to attend or be placed on the waiting list.

Thursday, January 17, 2019
8:30am Breakfast

9:00am Opening Remarks

9:10am General Sessions

The Future of Retail – Learning from Leaders Around the Globe

Michelle will share best practices in innovation at various retailers from her years of searching the globe for brilliant innovators in the retail space, her consulting practice with companies worldwide and her expertise on innovation. Michelle will cover the major platforms, tools & technologies across the retail marketing eco-system to help attendees get current, make better business decisions and be inspired by the latest capabilities and best use examples.

Michelle Greenwald
CEO & Founder Inventours
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How Insights & Technology will combine to Impact & Ignite Consumer Experiences & Product Innovation

Janneke will share how Google has partnered with marketers to use insights and mountains of data to transform their consumer journey and future proof their businesses. Working to help shape the future of retail & commerce through machine learning, voice and other emerging technologies, Janneke will share case studies that demonstrate how these initiatives will impact and ignite your business, with measurable results.

Janneke van Geuns
Head of Insights & Analytics Google
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10:40am Networking Coffee Break


Immersive Media: How it’s Changing Expectations & Experiences

This exciting panel will explore the current state of immersive media including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other platforms that will shape the way viewers and consumers interact with the world around them.

Moderator: Kerry Flynn
Platforms Reporter Digiday
Jeff Marsilio
Senior Vice President, New Media National Basketball Association (NBA)
Shawn Bryant
VP Sports Marketing Intel
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Governors Island AR Experience

IslandAR provides the mysterious puzzle pieces that unlock shared AR experiences, hidden characters and fun stories from past and present Governors Island. See how they leveraged this iconic NY location and its history to engage with new and returning visitors.

Cecile Ragot
Augmented Reality Creative Technologist NYU
James Huerta
Executive Producer Havas
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Moving at the Speed of the Consumer in a World of Frictionless Commerce

The speed of innovation has moved into high overdrive and is rapidly changing the shopper journey and how brands can show up for consumers along the shopper journey. This session will examine the rapidly evolving landscape and show examples of how and where brands can provide frictionless and seamless shopping experiences. Doug Chavez and Jason Katz will take you through their Super-REGGIE winning campaign with 19 Crimes Wine to re-engage millennial shoppers by launching the first AR app in the wine category 

Doug Chavez
SVP Digital Commerce North America Geometry Global
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12:55pm Luncheon


Interactive Demonstrations

Attendees will have an opportunity to engage with emerging technologies and learn about applications for future use.


A Better Way to Interact With the World: Neural Interfaces Are Finally Here

Our lives are filled with more screens and devices today than ever before — we have expanded how we communicate in, interact with, and reimagine the world around us. But our ability to control these devices hasn’t kept pace. Despite the massive amounts of information we take in every day and process, much of human output is limited to regressive interactions with technology. Even in augmented and virtual reality, which have already transformed the future of branding and marketing activations, our hands are burdened with holding a controller. Controversial neuroscience projects involving invasive brain-machine interfaces have been grabbing headlines, but such technology is still decades away from exiting the lab or having any real-world impact.

In this presentation, CTRL-labs' Chief Strategy Officer Josh Duyan invites brands in the audience to be a part of the solution to the human output problem. By decoding Action Potentials - our nervous system's currency - the information we send out through clicks, swipes, and taps will no longer lag behind the flood of information we receive. And with the launch of the CTRL-labs developer kit (CTRL-kit), non-invasive neural interfaces are here, and their possibilities are endless. This technology is real and ready to be explored. CTRL-labs wants to empower marketing teams to reimagine the very means through which their brands can engage with AR, VR, and the rest of the world. 

Josh Duyan
Chief Strategy Officer CTRL Labs
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Marketing Futures Podcast Live: eSports, and Building Brands through Culture

The global revenue for eSports (multiplayer video games played competitively for spectators) has grown a staggering 38 percent from 2017 ($655 million) to 2018 ($905 million), and will easily eclipse $1 billion in 2019. A massive amount of attention is being paid to competitive gaming—Twitch, an online streaming platform with a focus on eSports, has more than 15 million daily active users—and naturally brands are looking to find a way to engage this captive audience.  The ANA Marketing Futures Podcast is a crossroads for marketers, entrepreneurs, trend experts, and academia to discuss and debate the future of marketing, and business in general. Host Charles Cantu will speak with Unanimous Games CMO Rahmuhl Nurse and top-ranked eSports players the Lopes Brothers, about why eSports has captured the imagination of a generation, and what brands need to know before entering the space. 

Charles Cantu
Founder and CEO Reset Digital
Evan Parke
Rahmuhl Nurse
CMO Unanimous Games
Lopes Brothers
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4:00pm Conference Adjournment

Cancellation Policy and Notes

No refunds will be granted for any cancellations or for 'no shows.' Unused registrations/applications have no monetary value and cannot be credited to future years or events. ANA will not issue refunds or credits due to failure to redeem a discount coupon during the registration process. You may transfer your registration to a colleague at no additional cost.