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2020 ANA Masters of Data and Technology

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At this time, all ANA events are being held as scheduled. We are monitoring the situation with the coronavirus (2019-nCoV or COVID-19) closely and will inform all attendees if an event is postponed or canceled. The safety and well-being of our members and attendees is of paramount importance and all decisions will be made based on those factors.

Like most organizations, we are getting our information about the coronavirus from the media and government websites, and new information is being shared daily

In the instance where an ANA event is canceled, we will provide as much advance notice as possible. As we all know from reports in the media, the situation with the coronavirus is very fluid, and new information is being made available every day.

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To assist attendees, the ANA will add additional hand sanitizing areas and encourage attendees to follow basic hygiene.

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Monday, March 2, 2020
- 8:30pm
Registration Open

Sebastian Reg Desk
- 4:20pm
Kickoff Sessions

Sebastian K
- 2:10pm

Opening Remarks

Mark Kaline
Senior Vice President ANA Data and Technology Practice
Sebastian K
- 2:50pm

Customer-Centric Marketing in the Era of Privacy, Regulation, Walled Gardens, & Disappearing Cookies

Marketers today are reliant on consumer data to deliver personalized experiences that convert and retain customers. With consumer expectations higher than ever and low switching costs and an abundance of brand alternatives, marketers have been harnessing data as a competitive weapon to stay ahead. But Marketers are now being barraged by privacy, regulatory, and technology changes that are impacting how they engage with their customers. They are being told that these changes are going to impede, if not altogether eliminate, their ability to deliver the customer-centric marketing that they know is required to help them achieve their revenue goals. 

In this session, Dr. Michael Cohen, Chief Data and Technology Officer, Marketing Evolution, will discuss how marketers can respond to these changes by continuing to deliver customer-centric marketing using technology available today, while remaining privacy compliant.

Michael Cohen (@M_A_Cohen)
Chief Data & Technology Officer Marketing Evolution
View Video and Presentation
Sebastian K
- 3:30pm

Using Marketing Data and Technology to Improve Access and Patient Experience in Health Care

Discover the role marketing data and technology plays in improving access and experience across the modern health care ecosystem. Deloitte Principle and President at Heat, Michael Barrett joins Fortune 100 Marketing and Strategy Leader Will Setliff and Healthline Media’s SVP and GM of Provider Services, Jeff Bernstein, to discuss measuring supply/demand, monitoring signals throughout the patient journey, and using tech to respond to patient needs with empathy and relevance

Michael Barrett (@bigmammal)
President, Heat and Principal, Deloitte
Will Setliff (@WillSetliff)
Fortune 100 Marketing and Strategy Leader Target, Darden, Kohl’s and Aspen Dental
Jeff Bernstein
Senior Vice President and General Manager of Provider Services Healthline Media
View Event Recap and Related Materials
Sebastian K
- 4:10pm

Keeping the Customer at the Center of Your Data Strategy

The story of data is one of rapid and continual change. Information has always been critical for businesses. With rising market competition, companies today must compete with each other in terms of such things as customer experience, customer acquisition, and customer retention. But many struggle in managing to break down the silos between data sets, missing out on a truly holistic view of their consumers and marketing touchpoints, and the ability to activate this data on media investments in real-time. The impact of failure to activate on the data can be catastrophic and we know who it affects the most: the customer

Steve Monteith, VP Marketing at the United States Postal Service, has been at the forefront in his organization of developing strategies and platforms that integrate the physical and digital.  Steve will provide insight on bridging offline to online data for a more holistic view and address the data barriers that prevent organizations from using data to fuel real-time decision-making to improve efficiencies, drive innovation, and enhance the customer experience.

Steve Monteith
Vice President, Marketing United States Postal Service
Sebastian K
- 4:20pm
Closing Remarks

Sebastian K
- 10:00pm

2020 International ECHO Awards Gala

Join your colleagues from around the world and invite your clients to the 90th anniversary of the ECHO Awards. Your conference ticket includes access to the awards reception, welcome speech, three-course dinner, awards ceremony, and networking.  

Sebastian L, IJ
- 7:30pm

Sebastian L
- 10:00pm

2020 International ECHO Awards Dinner (Sponsored by Facebook)

Sebastian IJ
Tuesday, March 3, 2020
- 6:30pm
Registration Open

Sebastian Reg Desk
- 8:30am

Q&A: How Data Drives the Story Behind the Scenes at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Bridgette Vargas, Senior Director, Customer Engagement Platform Delivery & Analytics, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts joins Ericka Podesta McCoy, Chief Marketing Officer from Resonate for an interactive discussion about how Disney uses technology to turn data into deep insights to fuel better stories through more compelling products, experiences and messaging.

Ericka McCoy
Chief Marketing Officer Resonate
Bridgette Vargas
Executive Director, Customer Engagement Platform Delivery & Analytics Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
Ryan Walker
Senior Manager CEP, Analytics & Audiences The Walt Disney Company
Sebastian K
- 9:10am
Opening Remarks

Bob Liodice
Chief Executive Officer ANA
Bill Tucker
Group Executive Vice President ANA
View Video and Presentation
Sebastian IJ
- 9:50am

Put Data and Analytics at the Center of Your Organization

Denise Karkos, CMO at SiriusXM + Pandora, has always believed that analytics should be at the heart of every marketing organization. Her experience has shown her that creating a world-class data and analytics operation is a team sport both within your company, and with your marketing service partners. Hear her thoughts on what it takes to build a solid analytics foundation within an organization that elevates accountability in marketing performance and drives a competitive advantage.

Denise Karkos (@dckarkos)
Chief Marketing Officer SiriusXM + Pandora
View Event Recap and Related Materials
Sebastian IJ
- 10:30am

Getting Closer to the Consumer Through Advanced Insights and Analytics

Global CPG giant P&G has been transforming the way they understand consumer interaction and engagement with their brands using today’s next-gen technology, big data, and the nuances of behavioral sciences with the goal of delighting the 5 billion consumers they serve every day and driving brand growth. Kirti Singh, Chief Analytics & Insights Officer at P&G, has been leading the company’s charge to create superior brand experiences for consumers through the application of deep insights and powerful analytics, and will share his thoughts on the importance of using data and advanced analytics to get closer to consumers.

Kirti Singh (@kirtivs19)
Chief Analytics and Insights Officer P&G
View Presentation and Video
Sebastian IJ
- 11:00am
Coffee Break  

Sebastian Foyer
- 11:40am

Putting Your Brand at the Center of Its Own Marketing Universe

Coming off one of the advertising industry’s largest acquisitions, Epsilon CEO Bryan Kennedy will discuss how Publicis Groupe is putting data and technology at the core of its business to create meaningful, and lasting, experiences with consumers. Bryan will cover topics including how marketers can drive business performance through personalization at scale and why CMOs must take back control of their relationships with consumers. He’ll also address how privacy legislation is impacting brands’ ability to speak directly to consumers and the continued influence of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Bryan Kennedy (@epsilonmktg)
Chief Executive Officer Epsilon
View Event Recap and Related Materials
Sebastian IJ
- 12:20pm

Demystifying the Growing and Complex MarTech System

Scott Brinker has been in the MarTech space longer than most knew it existed. His famed MarTech 7000 landscape chart has been used in marketing presentations all over the country. As one of the leading experts in the MarTech arena, Scott will help  demystify the MarTech stack for marketers and help clarify what is going on in this complex and continuously changing ecosystem. Scott will also offer his suggestions on what MarTech companies need to be doing to better meet the needs of marketers, as well as advice he has for marketers on their approach to building tech-stacks within their organizations.

Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec)
Vice President Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot and Editor at ChiefMarTech.com
View Event Recap and Related Materials
Sebastian IJ
- 2:00pm

The Delivery Disruption – How McDonald's is Embracing the Growth of Online Food Delivery

The restaurant business is undergoing rapid change as new online delivery platforms compete to capture markets and customers across the globe. Consumers accustomed to shopping online through apps or websites, with maximum convenience and transparency, increasingly expect the same experience when it comes to ordering lunch or dinner. So when you are the largest fast food chain in the world, what do you do to keep up with the demand? Lauren Cody, Vice President, Global Consumer & Business Insights at McDonald’s will discuss with Maggie Merklin, Executive Vice President at Analytic Partners, how they are adapting in order to evolve and thrive.

Maggie Merklin
Executive Vice President Analytic Partners
Lauren Cody
Corporate Vice President McDonald's
Sebastian K
- 2:40pm

How Data and Technology will Shape the Modern Marketer

While today's emerging technologies are shaping Marketing innovation at a rapid pace, IBM SVP of Digital Sales & CMO, Michelle Peluso, believes that the next 10 years will be about true, fundamental disruption. During this session, Michelle will share how the Modern Marketer is uniquely positioned to redefine the client experience through growing customer insights and access to technologies like AI and Blockchain.

Michelle Peluso (@MichelleaPeluso)
Senior Vice President, Digital Sales and Chief Marketing Officer IBM
View Event Recap and Related Materials
Sebastian IJ
- 3:10pm
Coffee Break  

Sebastian Foyer
- 3:50pm

Data Privacy – The Search for a National Solution

The ANA has been a leading voice in the data privacy discussion since it began. The ANA has tapped Venable, the country’s leading privacy law firm, to help our members and the industry in their efforts to enact responsible and comprehensive privacy and data security legislation at the federal level, through both the ANA’s efforts, and those of the ANA-backed industry consortium Privacy for America. Stu Ingis, Partner and Chairman at Venable, will provide a brief snapshot of the current privacy situation and lead a panel that brings a marketer, legislator, and data provider to the table to discuss the latest developments in this critical discussion, and the challenges in securing consensus at the federal level in this political climate.

Stu Ingis
Chairman-Partner Venable LLP
Alisa Bergman (@Adobe)
Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer Adobe Inc.
Daniel Sepulveda
SVP for Policy and Advocacy MediaMath
View Event Recap and Related Materials
Sebastian IJ
- 4:30pm

MarTech Challenges and Opportunities: An ANA CMO Forum

MarTech has been identified by leading global CMOs and the ANA Masters Circle as a top priority, not only because of the significant investment marketers are making in their respective tech stacks, estimated to be $121 billion globally, but because MarTech enables 1:1, agile marketing at scale in a privacy safe environment.  In our final session of the day, Nick Primola, EVP of the ANA’s CMO Practice, hosts an open discussion with industry leading CMOs about the many challenges they face in keeping up with options available to them in the MarTech ecosystem, and in determining if they’ve invested in the best solutions available to drive growth in their respective companies.

Nicholas Primola
Executive Vice President, CMO Masters Circle ANA
View Presentation
Sebastian IJ
- 4:35pm
Closing Remarks

Sebastian IJ
- 7:00pm

Sebastian L
7:00pm Dinner on own

Wednesday, March 4, 2020
- 2:30pm
Registration Open

Sebastian Reg Desk
- 8:30am

The Next Stack Unification: Where to Go After Your Martech and Adtech Unify

Tracy YoungLincoln
Executive Vice President, Global Data Strategy & Client Solutions Kinesso
Kyle Hollaway
Senior Director, Global Identity Practice Acxiom
Sebastian K
- 8:40am
Opening Remarks

Bill Tucker
Group Vice President ANA
Sebastian IJ
- 9:25am

Driving Growth with A Strong Data-Driven Culture

As President of Diageo Beer Company, one of the world's leading producers of spirits and beer, Nuno Teles has a unique vantage point from which to see how data and technology impact his business from end to end, whether in product innovation, production, marketing or distribution. Featuring iconic brands such as Guinness, Crown Royal and Bailey's Irish Cream, Diageo has been driving growth when others in the category are fighting over declining market share. With his strong marketing DNA, Nuno credits getting to know their consumers better as a key component of their sustained growth. In this session, hear why he believes having a strong data-driven culture across the organization is critical to its long-term success, and how a focus on a data-driven culture can improve the consumer experience, marketing efficiency and speed to market overall. Get a view from the top on how data helps Diageo drive growth in an increasingly crowded and continually fragmenting spirits and beer marketplace, as well as how it helps this leading global company better understand their consumers as they develop new products and niche line extensions.

Nuno Teles (@NunoTeles6)
President Diageo Beer Company, USA
View Event Recap
Sebastian IJ
- 10:05am

McDonald’s Leans Into MarTech

When the world's leading fast-food retailer creates an all-new position that focuses specifically on MarTech, the industry takes note. When that company, McDonald's, also announces that it has acquired Dynamic Yield and will use decision technology to increase personalization and improve overall customer experience, it is clear that the QSR giant is serious about their tech stack. In this session, you'll hear from Bob Rupczynski, SVP of MarTech at McDonald's, about these bold moves and others in their efforts to bring the tech stack to bear on their business, in real-time, as well as how technology is a critical part of their overall Velocity Growth Plan. Hear his candid take on what has gone well, as well as the missteps they've made along the way, and learn what his advice is to the industry for working more effectively with marketers.

Bob Rupczynski (@rupp)
Senior Vice President, Marketing Technology McDonald's
View Video
Sebastian IJ
- 10:35am
Coffee Break  

Sebastian Foyer
- 11:15am

Bringing Transparency to the Programmatic Supply Chain

The ANA has been actively addressing the lack of transparency in the programmatic space for some time, as well as the associated “Ad Tax,” which is costing marketers billions of dollars a year. Joe Zawadzki, founder & CEO of the DSP MediaMath, is leading a consortium of key partners which includes Oracle and IBM Watson that is seeking to fix the broken digital media supply chain. This new system, dubbed Source, will be aimed at providing marketers with a new system that will deliver transparency, addressability, and the power of AI to marketers. Hear more from Joe and a panel of supply chain partners on how Source is out to change marketing for the better.

Joe Zawadzki (@JoeZawadzki)
Founder-Chief Executive Officer MediaMath
Richard Brandolino
CHQ Paid Media Strategy and Consulting IBM
Joanna O’Connell (@joannaoconnell)
Vice President, Principal Analyst Forrester Research
Gerry Bavaro
Chief Strategy Officer Merkury
David Kohl
President and CEO TRUSTX
View Event Recap and Related Materials
Sebastian IJ
- 11:55am

Trust is a Privilege: Leveraging Data and Technology to Drive Relevant Consumer Experiences

As marketers, we need to navigate the evolution of identity, while maintaining trust and the consumer experience at the same time. Understanding the expanding data and technology universe and leveraging it to build trust and achieve effective consumer engagement is imperative. With so much data available, as an industry, we have an obligation to protect and use it responsibly, at all times. Learn how to manage data and technology to ensure your marketing efforts meet customer expectations to solidify a positive, long-term relationship with them.

Lester Holze
Marketing Services’ Vice President of Sales - Retail/CPG Experian
View Event Recap
Sebastian IJ
- 1:10pm

From Share of Wallet to Share of Wealth

Consumers at different life stages and wealth levels present widely differing customer lifetime potential that can directly impact your potential for growth and risk in limiting your total addressable market. Hear from Ian Wright, Chief Data Officer for Equifax’s Data-driven Marketing capability, about how consumers have rebounded unequally from 2008’s Great Recession to present different market opportunities and challenges.

Ian Wright
Chief Data Officer Equifax
Sebastian K
- 1:50pm

Artificial Intelligence - Research & Application

The application of artificial intelligence to meet current and future marketing needs is something every marketer is seeking to master. In fact, most see AI as a critical component to being truly agile as a marketing organization and improving the overall consumer experience. Facebook is no exception. In this session, Mike Beltzner, Product Manager at-large to the Chief Technology Officer at Facebook, will discuss trends in AI and how Facebook is applying them to both enhance the consumer experience and create dynamic opportunities for marketers.

Mike Beltzner
Product Manager at-large to the Chief Technology Officer Facebook
View Event Recap
Sebastian IJ
- 2:20pm

New Agency Models for Integrating MarTech in an Increasingly Complex Data Privacy Environment

The explosion of marketing technology solutions and data privacy laws has forced marketers to rethink how they handle their data, including the technologies they use to collect, manage and transact on that information.  In response, Omnicom Group Inc.’s media agency Hearts & Science, has been building out a new division to help clients with those efforts.  In this session, Megan Pagliuca, Chief Media & Data Officer at Hearts & Science, will discuss how their division dubbed Hearts & Science MarTech Integrator Group is working with their clients to help manage this increasingly complex data & technology environment.

Megan Pagliuca
Chief Media and Data Officer Hearts & Science
View Event Recap and Related Materials
Sebastian IJ
- 2:25pm
Closing Remarks

Sebastian IJ

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