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2016 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference Presented by Time Inc.

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Sunday, October 9, 2016
1:00pm Registration Opens

Platinum Foyer
2:15pm Pre-Conference

Diamond Ballroom


Perhaps the most important news in the advertising industry this year has been the release of ANA’s much-anticipated reports on media transparency. The “investigative” report from K2 Intelligence revealed that non-transparent business practices were found to be pervasive in a sample of the U.S. media ad-buying ecosystem. The follow-up report from ANA and Ebiquity/FirmDecisions offered recommendations to address transparency issues for advertisers and the industry overall. This session will provide a “cliff notes” summary of both reports, with an emphasis on suggested action steps for advertisers as well as implications for multicultural marketing.

Bill Duggan (@BillDuggan)
Group Executive Vice President ANA
Diamond Ballroom


In multicultural marketing conversations, media – often the largest spend area in a multicultural marketing program – often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. This session will be an immersion in the most urgent issues as well as the up-and-coming media opportunities for multicultural marketers. We’ll discuss a range of topics including:

  • Using in-language versus English language media
  • Transparency issues in multicultural media
  • High levels of bot fraud in multicultural digital media
  • Content marketing and native advertising
  • Social and mobile media
  • Programmatic buying
  • Influencer marketing
  • Agency models for media and content development

Perspective will be provided by a panel of client-side media experts and then we’ll evolve to an open forum to hear from others. 

Michael Kelly (@Michael_Irie)
Senior Influencer Program and Social Media Manager Plantronics, Inc.
Dionne Colvin (@LovelyColvin)
Director, Marketing Strategy & Performance Toyota Motor Sales
Angelique Vega
Director, Media Kaiser Permanente
Diamond Ballroom


While America’s population is more diverse than ever, multicultural agencies appear to be at a crossroads. Black agencies have been affected by some advertisers who feel they can reach this audience as part of existing campaigns (as they are heavier TV viewers) and via casting, given that there are no language barriers. Asian-American agencies remain challenged by complexity of multiple languages and the relatively small size of each Asian sub-group. Hispanic agencies face both the opportunity and threat of a total market approach. Meanwhile, media buying responsibilities for many multicultural accounts are now handled by general market media agencies.  This session will feature discussion on the future of multicultural agencies featuring a leading industry agency search consultant and a client-side marketer. Plus, we’ll supplement this discussion with perspective from industry experts including Wall Street analysts and journalists and then evolve to an open forum to get input from conference attendees.

Catherine Bension
Chief Executive Officer SelectResources International
Lizette Williams (@LiZetteW1)
Multicultural Marketing Leader, North America Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Bill Duggan
Group Executive Vice President ANA
Diamond Ballroom
5:00pm Pre-Conference Adjourned

6:45pm The Multiculturally Minded Marketer Mixer Reception  

Diamond Foyer
7:45pm ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards Dinner

Celebrate the 16th anniversary of the ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards and recognize the year’s best multicultural advertising campaigns with a special opening performance by the L.A. based Esperanza Azteca Youth Orchestra. The awards, sponsored by the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Committee, raise awareness and exposure of the outstanding work being done in the areas of African-American, Asian, Audio, B2B, Digital, Experiential, Hispanic, LGBT, People with Disabilities, Print, and Total Market advertising. The evening will also feature a laugh-out-loud comedic performance by Nick Guerra one of the most exciting young comedians quickly making an impact in the clubs and on TV brought to us by FUSE.

Nick Guerra
Platinum Ballroom
Monday, October 10, 2016
7:15am Breakfast  

Multicultural Millennials: The Multiplier Effect

Nielsen will be sharing insights from an upcoming thought leadership paper, Multicultural Millennials: The Multiplier Effect. The report provides an updated perspective on multicultural millennials, an often overlooked but critically important cohort in the United States.

It explores key aspects of the population, including demographic information and trends, analyzes multicultural millennials' choices of home cities, and outlines how culture, food, and technology are essential points of entry for reaching this generation.

Vanna Tran
Director, Multicultural Growth and Strategy Nielsen
Diamond Ballroom
8:15am General Session

Platinum Ballroom


Michelle Ebanks
President Essence Communications Inc.
Platinum Ballroom


Bob Liodice
Chief Executive Officer ANA
Platinum Ballroom


Through the years, U.S. marketers have looked at the Hispanic segment as an opportunity, not a necessity. Brands come in and out of the market, not making a commitment to this important demographic. Nestlé USA looked at it like that until two years ago, when they determined that to survive and thrive in this new economy, they had to flip the tortilla and make a bold and brave move. Marketing to Hispanics has become vital to many of Nestlé’s largest brands and, in some cases, it leads the marketing communications. In this presentation we will look at:

  • The start of Nestlé’s Hispanic journey; from marketing international brands to the recent immigrants
  • How Nescafé and Nesquik, two of Nestlé’s largest and most recognized brands, focused all or significant efforts against the Hispanic consumer
  • What it took to get here – senior management commitment, brave marketers, bold agency alignments
  • Outstanding sales results

Alicia Enciso
President, Beverages Division Nestlé USA
Platinum Ballroom


Multicultural is no longer a niche specialty – it’s the primary audience in an increasingly diverse country. In order to effectively reach the ever increasing variety of cultures in this vast audience, brands need to break down barriers in their marketing efforts, something Target is known for. In this session, Rick Gomez, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Target, will discuss how it has moved beyond rigid segmentation, show examples of how it’s using Latinos as the creative muse in many of its broader campaigns, and share lessons the retailer has learned along the way.

Rick Gomez (@Gomez_Rick)
SVP-Marketing Target Corporation
Platinum Ballroom


A frank discussion of the role of “brands” in addressing issues of social injustice. This is especially important as brands via advertising and media have the power to advance how we think and talk about race in America. Should consumer brands engage (or not) in this conversation or should they focus inward on the employees? Should celebrities “stay quiet” and focus on the next role? A conversation to discuss the role and actions needed of advertisers and marketers in proactively addressing issue of social injustice.

Lauventria Robinson (@lauventria)
Vice President, Multicultural Center of Excellence The Coca-Cola Company
Darryl A Cobbin
Chief Executive Officer and Founder Brand Positioning Doctors
Tyrese Gibson (@Tyrese)
Singer, Producer, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur
Jeff Johnson (@Jeffsnation)
Journalist, Communications Specialist, TV personality
Platinum Ballroom
10:50am Networking Coffee Break  

Platinum Foyer


While some best-in-class marketers are doing phenomenal work, Total Market has been widely misapplied in both mainstream and segmented advertising. Senior marketing leaders from Clorox and Wells Fargo will candidly discuss their organizations’ evolution toward a new mainstream marketing approach that does not fall for the easy over-simplicity of Total Market but rather pursues effectiveness through the power of “and” – culturally nuanced mainstream campaigns AND integrated, yet relevant, segment campaigns. ANA would like to acknowledge AHAA for curating this session.

Michael Lacorazza (@lacorazzam)
Executive Vice President, Brand and Advertising - Integrated Marketing Wells Fargo & Co.
Eric Reynolds (@EricCLX)
Chief Marketing Officer The Clorox Company
Platinum Ballroom


Advertising is one of the most pervasive and all-encompassing forms of communication in the modern world. Strong images, captivating music and provocative text and engaging stores evoke emotions in viewers that promote a brand, an experience or even social change. Brand voices are loud – even in a time of overwhelming discourse, and with the right message, brands can shape culture to create a positive impact in society; taking a stand on important social issues and challenging the stereotypes advertisers sometimes perpetuate. In this session, Ivan Pollard will start a dialog with the audience to discuss the  role of advertisers and brands in leading the cultural conversation, with the intent to create awareness, inspire action and spark conversation.

Ivan Pollard (@ivanpollard)
Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing The Coca-Cola Company
Platinum Ballroom
1:00pm Luncheon  


All year long, Americans have been having a frank conversation about cultural difference and inclusion. Even as our multicultural population steadily grows, there remains a justifiable feeling among many multicultural consumers that they are not adequately represented in contemporary media. America is more a mosaic than melting pot, a nation that is changing faster now than at any time in its history.  But if Latino, African American, Asian American and LGBT citizens are quickly redefining the mainstream, their cultural influence too often goes unrecognized. Which is why Time Inc. launched American Voices across more than a dozen of its leading media properties this year. Reaching more than 200 million consumers, it is an unprecedented effort to bring emerging multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-racial voices, personalities and ideas on stage. Through exclusive support from Toyota, “American Voices” tries to shine a bright light on people who are changing lives, leading movements, and shaping a new transcultural mainstream.

Michael Duffy
Editorial Director, Time Inc. and Deputy Managing Editor, TIME
Lisa Materazzo
Corporate Manager, Media Strategy & Digital Engagement Toyota Motor Sale, USA, Inc.
Diamond Ballroom
1:45pm General Session Cont.


Diversity and digital marketing have intersected at Intel and Jennifer Lashua is at the center of this meeting point, heading digital marketing and creative within Intel's Global Diversity and Inclusion Organization. The company has committed $300 million to support its Diversity in Technology Initiative, with an ambitious goal to reach full workplace representation in its U.S. workforce by 2020, and to accelerate diversity and inclusion — not just at Intel, but across the technology industry at large. In this session, Jennifer will describe Intel's marketing and communications strategy to bring its Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives to life via external and internal marketing and social media.

Jennifer Lashua (@runningjen)
Chief of Staff - Digital Marketing & Media Intel Corporation
Platinum Ballroom
2:45pm Networking Coffee Break

Platinum Foyer


Michael Sprague, COO, will share the story of Kia Motors’ growth and impact within the U.S. automotive industry which has been nothing short of phenomenal…and historic. The brand started their journey back in 1994 with just two vehicles and a reputation graciously described as “a used car alternative.” Now in 2016, Kia offers 12 distinct models in the hottest segments and has sold over 6.3 million vehicles since that humble beginning. Key to this success has been their “total market approach” used in advertising since 2009, and the brand’s well known “Hamster” campaign for the Soul continues to unite through music, diversity and culture. Their latest work features a sitar, African drums, banjoes, and even a bagpipe! Kia has integrated into its mix dedicated Hispanic advertising and experiential marketing focused on African-American influencers. Something is clearly working very well at Kia.

Michael Sprague
Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Kia Motors America
Platinum Ballroom


In the complex and highly regulated financial services industry, Prudential has fully adopted the "Total Market" approach. Prudential has developed programs anchored in consumer research including multicultural niche behaviors, values, and needs which provided business growth focused guidance for their financial advisor team. Prudential's "Total Market" method is designed to integrate both broad and targeted marketing. Their extensive research helps them better understand the financial attitudes, motivators and cultural nuances that impact financial behavior, especially among women and multicultural consumers. In this session, discover how Prudential's "Total Market" approach has helped their company increase market share and add value to their financial partners.

Mammen Verghis
Vice President, Multicultural Consumer Marketing Prudential U.S. Businesses
Platinum Ballroom
4:45pm General Session Adjournment

6:00pm Networking Reception  

Diamond Foyer
7:00pm Dinner On Your Own

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
7:15am Breakfast  

From Multicultural to Omnicultural – The New Norm

With diversity being one of the highly-debated topics in media today, the way we talk about culture, identity, and difference is shifting. Never before has a youth population shared so many common values, attitudes and interests. Cultures collide on a regular basis - both in person and digitally. As such, young consumers want marketers to move away from "multicultural" marketing and lean toward a new omnicultural approach. Join Facebook's Christian Martinez as he dives into this "new norm" and guides you through what role you can play in it.

Christian Martinez
Head of U.S. Multicultural Facebook
Diamond Ballroom
8:15am General Session


Chivas Regal traces its roots back to the 1850’s, when James and John Chivas first met their affluent customers’ demand for a smoother whisky with their proprietary blend. Few brands have stood the test of time like Chivas. Fast forward to today, Chivas continues to understand and connect with modern audiences through engaging content and partnerships that are relevant to the bicultural population. In this session, hear how Chivas Regal partnered with Maná, the biggest Latin rock band in the world, to leverage the key Hispanic passion point of music, while simultaneously bringing to life the shared core values of success and generosity. Through working with Mana, Chivas took Scotch whisky drinkers on an exclusive, musical journey by granting access to an inside look at the band, all while strengthening the brand’s equity with modern audiences.

Martin de Dreuille (@MartyFrenchy)
Vice President, Marketing Pernod Ricard USA
Megan Bordi (@meganbordi)
Senior Brand Manager Pernod Ricard USA
Platinum Ballroom


In the past decade, the term “fat shaming” has become part of our vocabulary and our culture. For many, it’s the last acceptable form of bias. So in 2015, one retailer stepped up to change the conversation, champion plus size women and show them as they see themselves – beautiful, sexy and proud. Lane Bryant literally took them “out of the closet,” gave them a platform that framed their conversation, changed media and fashion category norms, challenged misperceptions around body image and confronted this issue with one of the most progressive marketing efforts to date. Lane Bryant’s groundbreaking campaign is setting new standards for marketing that reflects the diverse world we live in and has paved the way for broader acceptance of a previously ignored consumer segment that represents nearly 80 percent of African American women and 75 percent of Hispanic women. Learn how Lane Bryant is combining the power of digital, social and traditional media channels to shift the conversation and make an impact beyond the bottom line.

Brian Beitler (@BrianBeitler)
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Lane Bryant, Inc.
Hans Dorsinville (@hansdorsinville)
Executive Vice President and Creative Director Laird + Partners
Platinum Ballroom
9:45am Networking Coffee Break

Platinum Foyer


University of Phoenix pioneered making higher education accessible to career professionals at a time when there were very few options. While options are much more abundant today, the mission to enhance the lives of students, their families, and their communities through education remains the same. From K-12 and beyond, access to a quality education continues to elude underrepresented students across the country, including the African-American community. In this session, Joan Blackwood, chief marketing officer for University of Phoenix, will discuss how they support student success across its diverse student body through career-relevant education, show how diverse segment considerations are integrated into their national brand efforts, and talk about their involvement in a national conversation to improve educational outcomes of African-American youth.

Joan Blackwood
SVP, Chief Marketing Officer University of Phoenix
Platinum Ballroom


Everything sound is exploding – broadcast radio, streaming, podcasts and live events are all up. Join iHeartMedia and Universal Pictures in a discussion on the power of music in multicultural and entertainment marketing and how those studios who are innovating with sound to target and engage audiences in new ways, are the ones who will win. 

Greg Ashlock
President, West iHeartMedia
Fabian Castro
Senior Vice President, Multicultural Marketing Universal Pictures
Platinum Ballroom


Saturday Morning is a new organization that will help build awareness, promote change and shift the overall perception that black lives are in some way not as important as others. It was founded by four advertising industry leaders who have all encountered racism in their own lives. It has been said that Sunday morning is the most segregated day in America. If Sunday morning is seen as a day of division, then Saturday morning should represent both a day of change and a way to dispel the myth that there is no hope for tomorrow. Saturday Morning will be a coalition of thought leaders across technology, music, entertainment, advertising, media, art and design, and anyone willing to participate in this conversation. The founders will share their mission and invite others to participate

Geoff Edwards
Creative Executive Creative Artists Agency
Jayanta Jenkins (@Jayanta)
Global Group Creative Director Twitter
Jimmy Smith
Chairman, CEO and Chief Creative Officer Amusement Park Entertainment
Keith Cartwright
Executive Creative Director Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
Platinum Ballroom
12:30pm Conference Adjournment

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